Infinite life gallery is a 20 m² alternative art space dedicated to contemporary practices hosted by the interactive video game museum LVLup! in ARS. “Infinite life” refers to the limited number of video game character “lives” that could be passed over by alternative methods (which could may be called cheats or hacks). It is also a reference to our everyday life experience, an echo to our daily rituals that artists are constantly trying to magnify. The space is presenting temporary exhibitions about works by artists from local and international art scenes. The space is run by three graphic design students from EKA – Patrick Zavadskis, Anneli Kripsaar and Sigrid Liira.



Jan 9 – Feb 9

The thematic and conceptual starting point of the exhibition “Arcadia” is the traditional image of Arcadia – an unattainable, even mythical concept of nature as a beautiful and harmless place, in its midst a human living an idyllic life. Given the impending climate catastrophe, the idealism of Arcadia and nature may seem at first glance naive and absurd. In contemporary art, narratives of dystopia and catastrophe predominate the relationship between nature and humans. However, perhaps the desire for the Arcadia could spur us toward effective action, which could instead prevent the constantly proclaimed end of the world. Taking a contemporary look at the myth of Arcadia, the exhibition calls for a greater emphasis on the relationship between human and nature. The exhibition contemplates the forms in which the Arcadian ideal landscape still lives on today. Are we able to visualize an ideal landscape that meets the expectations, dreams, and needs of today’s person in relation to the landscape? To what extent are we influenced by the cultural representations we’ve experienced while perceiving and imagining landscapes? Considering the ambivalent relationship between human and nature, the exhibition “Arcadia” looks at how to depict the modern ideal landscape and what are the ways of interacting with the landscape that affect this depiction.

Unscrew it

13th December – 03 January Lucas Hubert and Arthur Leray are art students of Poitier and Angers in France. They are currently doing an internship in Tallinn with Camille Laurelli, a french contemporary artist and one of the founders of LVLup! museum. Their practice is influenced by internet culture and the imagery conveyed by social networks. It tries to question everyday life through humor. The works shown here are DIY experiments, funny, playful and interactive objects made from poor and domestic materials. You will find a reel machine for revolver, a weight training machine and it’s tutorial, a series of missing posters, a plate of ketchup pasta, and an inspiring video from famous artists.


In Praise of Capitalism

14th December

As a finnisage of the exhibition “In Praise of smallness”, you are warmly invited to visit the flea market organized by Misa Asanuma and Lõputu elu galerii. In Camille Laurelli and Laura Kuusk’s studio on the third floor of ARS house, unique ceramic pieces made by the artist are waiting for you. Drop by to grab your favourite ones!

In Praise of Smallness

November 7

In her installation “In Praise of smallness”, Misa Asanuma exhibits her original ceramics and other findings from daily life. By exhibiting objects in their pure aesthetic form, rather than in object’s usual cultural or social context, she invites visitors to look at things in a new, humorous and uncanny way.

The exhibition is centered around the topic of “smallness”. The artist finds this trait particularly interesting – not only because of her sensory obsession, but also from the point of view of her ethnic background (as Japanese, or more largely as Asian). Situating herself in western society has made her realize the gap between the scale of the senses in different environments. Foods, spaces, people’s movements and many other factors are naturally larger here than at her home. While working with ceramics she noticed that it’s much more comfortable to make small-scale objects. With that in mind, she finds smallness to be an interesting part of the identity of her creation, which she happily plays around with at the exhibition.

Every breath you take

Sep 6, 2019 – Oct 10, 2019

“Every breath you take” is a video installation by Silver Marge that joins constructed urban environment with geometrical video game aesthetic. The author provides a fictional projection into the future where the artificial and natural are connected via a neural-net interface.